Design Technology

Design and Technology is a vital part of children's education that helps them think creatively and problem solve. Children will develop the creative, technical ad practical expertise needed to perform every day tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an ever-evolving technological world. Children at Rossmore are given opportunities to design and make purposeful products that are made for authnetic audiences so that they add real value to our curriculum and to their lifelong learning. Children will be taught to evaluate these products based on their effectiveness and suitability to the design criteria. 

Design and Technology skills are taught explicitly but products that are designed are linked to the wider curriculum and other subjects. We have developed a well-planned and sequenced curriculum that progressively builds on previous learning so that children are always building upon skills. 

Children will learn about a range of inventors and will also learn basic cooking skills. They will be able to discuss the meaning of a balanced diet and will be able to explain the benefits of maintaining healthy habits.

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