At Rossmore School, we encourage children to ‘Take Pride and Aim High’, as well as creating an environment that shows children how to be ready for life beyond the classroom. This is something that we strive to achieve in all subjects and is an ethos that drives our intent in the teaching and learning of Science. This ethos is reflected in our ‘Core Principles of Science Teaching’ – a child friendly document that children and teachers are familiar with that shows how Science Teaching and Learning at Rossmore School will reflect the school values and allow children to take ownership of their learning and develop their skills and understanding in a way that is relevant to life outside the classroom. 

We have a coherently planned and sequenced curriculum in Science. Our planning is based on the Kent Scheme of work, a scheme that promotes exploration and provides opportunities for each class to broaden their learning experiences in different ways. These plans are aligned with our core principles to ensure that it is accessible to each child regardless of their learning needs. Additionally, each topic works towards a clear ‘end point’ which will take the form of a starting question or statement. This progressive approach, where skills, knowledge and vocabulary is built upon year by year, ensures that children leave Rossmore with a love and passion for the world around them and the confidence to apply their understanding to different contexts, regardless of their individual learning needs.

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