School Parliament

In our School Parliament, our job is to make things better and help the school by encouraging other students to share their ideas and worries with us. We will then discuss them as a group and decide what is best for the school.

This year, we have raised money to buy new board games by holding a pyjama day. We organised a mental health week to raise awareness about mental health and to keep fit. 

We have also learnt about how the UK Parliament is run by talking to a member of the House of Lords.

One of our main projects this year was to make our roads outside school safer by reducing the amount of cars on the roads. We held Walk to School Week which led us to introduce Walkie Wheelie Wednesday. We hope that this is something that will continue moving forward.

Rossmore School

Red Lion Lane, Little Sutton,

Ellesmere Port, CH66 1HF

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Headteacher: Mrs S E Davis-McCoy