At Rossmore, we strive for every child to love learning Maths and to have a deep understanding of all topics covered. We use a mastery approach to teaching Maths aiming to ensure that key concepts are taught in small, progressive steps securing depth of knowledge. We believe that this ensures that all children can achieve. In all lessons, we move through the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to ensure that all pupils have a good foundation of understanding, giving them the best chance in being able to apply this to wider contexts. The teaching of vocabulary is given a high priority with this being a focus of all Maths lessons: we introduce new language, have it displayed in the classroom and encourage them to use it both verbally and in their written work. This is constantly modelled to the children by the adults who are working with them. 

The school is currently working in partnership with a DfE funded mastery project with a number of other schools involved (North West Maths Hub) which enables us to constantly review our practice and improve where necessary securing better outcomes for the children at Rossmore. Rossmore School follow their own long term plan that is progressive and takes into account previous learning and we use a range of resources to support teaching such as White Rose Maths, Active Maths, NCETM and Nrich. We aim for all children to learn together, but we do make adjustments when necessary to meet the needs of all learners.

As the majority of pupils at Rossmore progress through the curriculum at the same pace, differentiation is achieved by emphasising deep knowledge and providing challenge as well as ensuring timely interventions are put in place through individual and small group support for example, pre-teaching or same day intervention. 

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Headteacher: Mrs S E Davis-McCoy