Our aim at Rossmore is to provide all learners with a broad and balanced project based curriculum that is language rich, full of experiences and leads to lifelong learning. We aim to address the ever-evolving needs of the children we teach, preparing them for the world we live in. 

The foundations of our curriculum are based upon a whole school approach of 'On the Doorstep', 'Down the Road' and 'Over the Water'. Each year group takes this journey from Autumn to Summer term, learning more about themselves and where they live before embarking on a journey across the world or into the past. Long term plans have been written to ensure curriculum coverage and we have ensured that any links made between subjects are strong. Subjects/subject areas that do not fit into the project are taught dsicretely.

Our curriculum is concept-based, and is underpinned by British Values. This will support our aim of all children to leaving Rossmore School as knowledgable, empathetic and liverated citizens. 

Rossmore School

Red Lion Lane, Little Sutton,

Ellesmere Port, CH66 1HF

0151 329 3688

Headteacher: Mrs S E Davis-McCoy