At Rossmore, we intend for all children to develop a positive attitude towards other languages and cultures. Our languages curriculum allows our children to focus primarily on French as French is a language taught in the majority of our link high schools. We want our children to be able to focus on one foreign language as well as truly master their language learning skills which can then be applied to learning other foreign languages in their further education. Our French curriculum is organised into half-termly topics using the Primary Languages Network scheme of work for French. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills, outlined in the National Cuirriculum, are covered within these topics each half term to ensure they are mastered by the end of KS2. We feel it is important for our pupils to be exposed to French on a weekly basis to allow them adequate time to masterand embed their learnng. The KS2 curriculum is split into topics which allows the pupils to become immersed in French culture as well as learning language skills which will be transferable to learning other languages. 

Our French curriculum allows our pupils to gain a better understanding of other cultures and aims to banish French stereotypes. Through our languages curriculum, we expose children to a new culture in order for them to gain a better understanding of a wider range of cultures in our world. We beieve that equipping our children with the skills to learn to communicate in another language will encourage them to be more tolerant and understanding of other cultures and equip them for the wider world. 

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