Physical Education

Rossmore school gives all pupils the opportunity to take part in physical activity through its National Curriculum offer along with extra-curricular activities, competitions and active learning/ breaks. We aim to give as many of our pupils as possible the opportunity to take part in competitions, sporting events or coaching throughout the year. As part of this and our curriculum offer, our children will understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, be able to express themselves through sport and also experience a wide range of sports. Our aim, through our extensive swimming offer, is for all of our pupils to be able to swim 25m by the end of KS2.

We achieve this through two hours of timetabled PE a week and using our partnerships in the community to further enhance this. As part of our membership of the Ellesmere Port School Sport Partnership (EPSSP) we have access to CPD for staff, competitions, events for the less active, coaches and a variety of other activities. We also work with Chester FC, English Cricket Board and Dance groups such as Shaddazzle to provide coaching and CPD. We also use the Complete PE schiemes of work to support pregressive planning in this subject.

Our staff are trained to provide our children with active breaks and we subscribe to Teach Active to ensure our pupils regularly participate in learning in maths and literacy that is active. 

In order to deliver the minimum requirements of the National Curriculum for swimming, Year 1, 3 and 5 all swim for one term. We train our teaches to deliver swimming lessons alongside qualified instructors at the local leisure centre. Year 6 also have top-up swimming in the Summer term to ensure they are able to swim 25m. 

As an inclusive school and members of the EPSSP we provide many opportunities for our SEND pupils and those that may not get opportunities outside of school to participate in sport. 

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