Religious Education

Our whole curriculum has been designed to ensure the children become lifelong learners and notice the world they live in.  RE is therefore a very important subject to achieve this.  We use the Cheshire West and Cheshire scheme of work Religious and Non-Religious World Views. The children have the opportunity to learn about: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Humanism, Baha’i faith, Diversity and Respect. As well as gaining a broad and balanced curriculum, it is important that children’s personal development is built upon and the RE curriculum intends to support children to:

  •   Be resilient in their learning and understand changes happen (identity/courage)
  •   Build self-esteem and positive relationships with other people (identity)
  •   Show respect for all cultures (unity)
  •   Become positive citizens who understand the role they can play within the world (power/change/choices)

At Rossmore, RE is, often, heavily discussion based using P4C as a vehicle for listening to, understanding and respecting other people's point of view. Pupils are encouraged to reflect upon their own experiences and use these to form their own opinions whilst being respectful of others. 

As an inclusive/ No Outsiders schools we promote the motto of ‘Everyone is welcome’ and use our curriculum to do this.

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