eCadets Page for Rossmore’s Website (Written by Rossmore’s eCadets)

Who are we?
We are a group of children from Rossmore trying to prevent cyber bullying. 

What is our aim?
Our aim is to make sure that everybody uses the internet safely. We want to teach all of Rossmore’s
children so that they can then teach others about internet safety and so they know exactly what to
do and what not to do online.
We want to do this in an effective and fun way, so that the lessons learnt will be life-long.

How are we going to do this?
We will do this by:
ï‚· Giving top tips
ï‚· Leading assemblies to share messages
ï‚· Spreading messages
ï‚· Setting competitions
ï‚· Teaching lessons to each class during Internet Safety Day

Top Tips for Children:
1. Always check PEGI logos on games
2. Make sure that any profile you have is private and that you’ve spoken to an adult before
creating any profile.
3. Tell an adult if you have seen something you don’t like or if something is on your mind.
4. Always ask an adult before you go on the internet.
5. Only add somebody if you know them personally.
6. Remember to always STOP! BLOCK! TELL!

Messages for Parents

Top Tips:
1. Be SMART online so that your children lead from your example
2. Read up on how to keep your children safe
3. Remember that it’s not just children who are unsafe online – it’s adults too. Don’t be one of
4. Set a sleep mode on your child’s iPad/iPhone so that they can’t stay on their devices for long
periods of time
5. Always talk to your child about what they are doing on the internet

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